Demography San Marino


The resident population in the San Marino territory is approximately 30 thousand; to be exact, 29.615. The population density per kilometer is 494 inhabitants (in 2007). With a decrease in the number of citizens emigrating, in 2007 the population increased by 1,22%. The resident population also includes many Italians – approximately 10%.

Many San Marino citizens reside abroad and, generation after generation have maintained their citizenship and right to vote. They are, in fact, more than 12,000: 7,768 reside in European countries, 4,451 in the Americas, 10 in Africa and 14 in Oceania.

The highest numbers of San Marino citizens residing abroad can be found in the following Countries: Italy (5,724), France (1,881), United States (2,910) and Argentina (1,489). Moreover, in Italy, France, Belgium, United States and Argentina there are 24 Citizens' Groups of Foreign Residents, which as of 1979, enjoy a legal autonomous status. The largest community, with a thousand or so members, is in Detroit. Summing up all the data, San Marino citizens, residents and non-residents, are approximately 45 thousand.

San Marino has a museum dedicated to the phenomenon of emigration and to its resident communities abroad:

The Museum of the Emigrant of the Republic of San Marino
Contrada Omerelli,7 - 47890 San Marino (RSM)
Tel (+378) 0549-885171