World Motor Racing San Marino


In the Republic of San Marino motors are practically an object of cult. The ancient Land of Liberty has a hundred-year tradition in activities related to cylinders, carburators and pistons. From Piacenza to Cattolica, passing through Parma and Modena, the entire Emilia Romagna region is a "motor valley". The famous brand names occupying the highest sector of the market are the pride of the "Made in Italy" industrial sector: Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini, Maserati.

The independent Republic, in close contact with Romagna and the Rimini Riviera, sponsors the prestigious sporting event, held at the International Motordrome "Enzo and Dino Ferrari" in Imola; namely, the San Marino Grand Prix Formula One race.

Every year, just a few kilometres from San Marino, world-famous racing bikers compete at the Misano World Circuit in Misano Adriatico; among the local favorites we find Alex de Angelis (San Marino), Valentino Rossi, Loris Capirossi, Andrea Dovizioso, Marco Melandri, Mattia Pasini, Marco Simoncelli and Roberto Tamburini. The well-known racing circuit, located between the cities of Riccione and Cattolica (and highly appreciated by Formula One driver Michael Schumacher), offers a calendar rich with noteworthy events from May to October. Well into the season (end of August/beginning of September) the clou of all the events is the Grand Prix "Cinzano" of San Marino and Rimini Riviera. A "not-to-be-missed" occasion for motorcycle fans. Each year this competition for 125cc, 250cc and Gran Prix 990cc and 800cc motorbikes attracts more and more attention and public.

"Santamonica" in Misano Adriatico
The motordrome in Misano Adriatico was built in 1969. In 2007 it became the Misano World Circuit (MWC) thus occupying a position as one of the most important world circuits for both auto and motorbike racing. By drawing a public of over 600 thousand persons each season, with an exceptional calendar of events, and thanks to investments of over 15 million euro in the three-year period from 2007 – 2009, today the Misano World Circuit certainly does not fear its competitors – moreover, the quality and condition of the asphalt offer record-breaking speeds.

Winner of the Cisco Networkers Innovation Awards 2008 for the "Best Mobility and Wireless Project" for the innovative technology of the cabling circuits of the structure and the wi-fi coverage of the entire area, the Misano World Circuit has a track 4,180 meters long and stands which can seat 18,500 spectators. Under constant renovation and modernization, the "ex Santamonica" is rightfully considered the "temple" of motor racing, not only for its important calendar but also in its role promoting, organizing and hosting events dealing with the world of "rumbling motors".

The circuit is also open to amateur pilots and bikers in maximum safety conditions. Drivers, in fact, are covered by a special insurance policy for any accidents occurring within the circuit. The Misano World Circuit is equipped with a modern infirmary, a physical therapy facility and the Info-Point, "Terra dei Motori" (The Land of Motors) which furnishes information on the motor sector in the Emilia Romagna Region. Two very special events in the season’s calendar are the San Marino Round of the Superbike World Championship held at the end of June and the MotorGP competition with the Grand Prix Cinzano of San Marino and Rimini Riviera at the end of August/beginning of September. These two main events attract fans and journalists from all over the world.

The calendar also includes other interesting meetings, such as: The European Truck Racing in the spring, with the arrival of the "giants of the road" during the truck-drivers’ weekend. In July the Misano track "turns red" with the Ferrari Challenge. From April to September, during the Sara Racing Weekends, one can see the future champions of the Formula 3, Formula Azzura, Prototypes, Superstars and Porsche Carrera Cup, in the making. In May and July, some weekends are dedicated to the Peroni Promotion Incentive, a Drivers’ Trophy which excludes the most restrictive technical standards. The Italian Speed Championship, from July to September, presents over 130 drivers in the 125Gp, Superstock 1000, 600, Super Sport and Superbike categories.

Morever, from March to October, under the sponsorship of the Misano Adriatico Motor Club and the firms Berardi of Riccione, Pasolini of Rimini and Tordi of Cesena, the circuit, which neighbors on the territories of Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica, hosts the "Mototemporada Romagnola" - entertainment assured with Classe 125 Sport and 600 STK bike competitions. The racing season closes in October with the Porsche Targa Tricolore, competition reserved to sports cars produced by the German manufacturer. Recently for the very young, the NSF 100 Junior Trophy competition for bikers from 10 to 17 years of age and the European Girls’ Championship.