Montegiardino San Marino


The smallest of the nine Municipalities with only 793 inhabitants (2003 estimate) and an area of barely 3,31 km2. Montegiardino borders on the Municipalities of Fiorentino and Faetano and with the Italian towns of Sassofeltrio and Monte Grimano (Province of Pesaro-Urbino).

Montegiardino is a very characteristic area. Its narrow streets are well cared for. Along with Fiorentino, Faetano and Serravalle, Montegiardino was one of the "Castra Subdita", ex Malatesta castles, which became part of the San Marino territory in 1463 and since then are subject to the laws of the Republic. In order to conquer it from the Malatesta army, the San Marino army – together with army of Montefeltro – besieged the castle walls for a long period time, until, under orders of Federico d'Urbino, the castle was dismantled piece by piece. The ruins were recuperated only two centuries later, in 1647, by the rector of the nearby church which was situated outside the walls.

Sights to visit in Montegiardino are the castle gate, the parish of San Lorenzo, the narrow streets and alleyways. A curiosity: "Locanda dell'Artista", a rather unique hotel, a mix between a bed & breakfast and a design statement, is situated inside Palazzo Mengozzi. The hotel has three double rooms and two suites; each dedicated to famous modern and contemporary artists.

Montegiardino is also home of the Department of Economy and Technology of the University of San Marino.

The Municipal Hall is Casa del Castello di Montegiardino, Salita al Castello, tel. 059.996380.