Stamp and coin collecting San Marino


For collectors all over the world, the Republic of San Marino represents a real "find". Its stamps and coins are in great demand and constitute, for the State, a valid source of income – and not only. They are, above all, the symbols which for centuries assert the sovereignty and independence of San Marino worldwide.

The Autonomous State Agency for Philately and Numismatics ("AASFN") is responsible for new emissions of coins and stamps; while the Ministry of Economy and Finance is delegated to "supervise" the entire activity. Moreover, for those who cannot make their purchases directly in San Marino, a service of on-line sale is available on the official website:

San Marino Stamps
The first stamp, or more specifically, the first series of "rectangular notched" stamps of the Republic of San Marino is dated August 1, 1877. They carried the representation of the characteristic "three pinnacles", the official coat-of-arms of the Republic. Since then, San Marino, through the emissions of the first "vehicle of communication" in history, has brought its historical personalities, events and institutions to the attention of masses of people; moreover, the production, past and present, continues to commemorate foreign personages and events.

San Marino Coins
The story of numismatics in the Republic began in 1862, year in which the Country signed a monetary agreement with the Italian Monarchy, thus consenting San Marino to exercise the right to have its own currency. On October 23, 1863, the first five-cent, copper coin was issued in a mere 280 pieces. The agreement stated that San Marino currency could also circulate in Italy, on condition that it had the same characteristics, both physical and in value, as in the Republic of San Marino. Up to today these conditions have remained unvaried and the San Marino currency has survived even the adoption of the Euro, even though it is not a member of the European Union.