Museum of Torture Instruments San Marino


Inquisitory chair, Knee-breaker, Guillotine, Traction bench: just a few of the names which evoke medieval torture instruments. The San Marino Museum has a collection of over 100 devices, invented by man to procure physical pain, and even death. Some of the instruments are original and date back to the XVI or XVII century; others are reconstructions of the 1800's and 1900's.

The Museum is well worth a visit since, compared to similar collections, the San Marino exposition presents less-known instruments; such as, a skinning device ("Gatta da Scorticamento"), the heretics fork ("Forcella dell'Eretico").

Museum of Torture Instruments
Lato Porta San Francesco - San Marino Città
Tel. 0549-991215
Entrance fee: 8,00 euro