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Acquaviva covers 4.86 km² and has 2144 inhabitants. It borders the castles of Borgo Maggiore and Città di San Marino and the Italian municipalities of San Leo (PU) and Verucchio (RN).

Acquaviva’s name comes from Monte Cerreto. Legend says that at the foot of the hill there was the spring with which Saint Marino baptized the first Christians of the Titan community.

Also in the territory of Acquaviva is the Baldasserona cliff, believed to be the Titan location where the saint first stopped. In fact, there is a large cleft in the cliff, considered to be the first refuge of the founding saint of San Marin. In fact, for San Marino people, this is where the history of San Marino began.

Fun fact: In the hamlet (curazia) of Gualdicciolo, bordering Italy on the Rio San Marino, almost all San Marino liquor is produced in the Cesarini Liquorificio, opened in 1968.

Municipal headquarters: Casa del Castello di Acquaviva, Piazza Castello di Monte Cerreto, 1, +378 0549.999208.

Coat of arms: takes up the old place-name of the castle, which was Montecerreto, “Azure, to the three leafy turkey oaks in green, fustati al naturale nodriti from the hill of three golden peaks arranged in a pyramid shape ”