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Borgo Maggiore

Borgo Maggiore municipality covers 9.01 km² and, after Dogana (hamlet of Serravalle), is the second largest Castello in terms of population, which is of 6871 inhabitants. It borders the castles of Serravalle, Domagnano, Faetano, Fiorentino, Città di San Marino, Acquaviva and the Italian municipality of Verucchio (RN)

Rising in the 12th century, the village was originally called Mercatale, because it was the site of fairs and markets. From 1879 it began to be called Borgo Maggiore precisely because it was the largest and most populous village after the City.
In its territory are the State Hospital (in the hamlet of Cailungo), the heliport (the only one in the Republic) and the cable car connecting with the City of San Marino.

Every year, on the second Sunday of September, the Palio di Don Bosco is held here: young people from the 6 hamlets of the Castello compete in a series of traditional races and competitions including races with the “caratelle”, traditional handcrafted carts, and the ascent of the “cuccagna pole”.

Palio di Don Bosco Borgo Maggiore San Marino

Things to see: its sights include the Piazza Grande – where markets and the agricultural fair still take place – the clock tower and the Suffrage Church. The San Marino Nature Center is also located here.

Fun fact: Giuseppe and Anita Garibaldi, two historical figures of importance to italian’s history,briefly stayed in Borgo Maggiore while fleeing from Rome.

Municipal headquarters: Borgo Maggiore Castle House, Via XXVIII Luglio, +378 0549.883450.

Coat of arms: echoes its location right at the foot of Mount Titano and its clock tower.