Castles of San Marino

In San Marino the districts equivalent to the Italian provinces are the Castles: territories with dministrative autonomy.

Republic is divided into 9 Municipalities (“Castelli”), each of which is led by a Council (“Giunta”) that manages the services to citizens and has the duty to involve residents in the promotion and organization of cultural activities.

Head of Giunta di Castello is Captain of the Castle. The Councils and government bodies are coordinated by Ufficio di Giunta di Castello.

Every 5 years all adult residents are called to the vote to elect the Council of the district area and the Captain of the Castle.
Castles with over 2000 in habitants have Giunte with 9 members, the other ones with 7 members.

The Municipalities (Castles):

  • Città di San Marino, capital city
  • Borgo Maggiore
  • Serravalle
  • Acquaviva
  • Chiesanuova
  • Domagnano
  • Faetano
  • Fiorentino
  • Montegiardino