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Chiesanuova covers an area of 5.46 km² and has 1147 inhabitants (updated data as of 2020).

It borders the municipalities of City of San Marino and Fiorentino and the Italian municipalities of Sassofeltrio (PU), Verucchio (RN) and San Leo (PU). Its territory is comprised almost entirely on the left side of the upper Rio San Marino valley.

It was originally home to the medieval castle of Busignano, and only in 1320 did its inhabitants voluntarily choose to join the Republic of San Marino. The present name dates back to the 16th century, when the ancient church of S. Giovanni Battista in Curte, which no longer exists, was rebuilt.

Worth visiting:

the square in Chiesanuova has at its center a fountain designed by Tonino Guerra (italian poet) and created in 2011. The title of the work is “The Voice of the Cane Field,” in fact the fountain is composed of a steel composition by Aurelio Brunelli representing a cane field and a glass sculpture by Fausto Baldessarini placed in an oval stone basin. The artistic design is by Tonino Guerra and Rita Ronconi. On the occasion of the installation of this work, the entire S.Conti Square was upgraded and some stone sculptures and a sundial complete the work.

For every fountain you encounter, Tonino Guerra suggests, it is good to “stop and listen to what the water wants to say.”

Fontana di Tonino Guerra a Chiesanuova

Piazza di Chiesanuova con fontana di Tonino Guerra

Chiesanuova is also known for its special commitment to remembering the tragic episodes of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2002 Bosnian artist Šejla Kamerić made a symbolic closure of the border between Italy and San Marino to denounce the siege of Sarajevo and the isolation even after the end of the war. On July 14, 2010, a plaque was also placed in memory of the Srebrenica massacre.

Fun fact: Manuel Poggiali, motorcycling world champion (125 and 250 classes) was born in San Marino City and is officially a player on the roster of the Pennarossa Sports Club, a soccer team of Castello di Chiesanuova.

Municipal headquarters: Casa del Castello di Chiesanuova, via C. Forti, +378 0549.883450.

Coat of arms: depicts a traditional shield with curved lower border, with a blue background and an ostrich feather in red curved to the right. “Silver, to the feather in red pole.”


Stemma armoriale del Castello di Chiesanuova

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