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Domagnano Castle has 3568 inhabitants over an area of 6.62 km². It is divided into 3 curacies (hamlets): Domagnano, Fiorina and Torraccia. It borders the castles of Faetano, Borgo Maggiore and Serravalle and the Italian municipality of Coriano (RN).

Remains from Roman times, coins and jewelry found on its territory more than a century ago testify that Domagnano Castle was already inhabited in that era. In fact, its name may derive from Latin: from “Domenianus” (translatable to “manor fund”) or from Omagnano, reminiscent of the “magnani,” that is, those who worked with metals. The Domagnano Treasure is the best known and most relevant archaeological find in the Republic of San Marino, and a reproduction of it can be admired in the State Museum.

chiesa torraccia san marino domagnano

In the locality of Torraccia di Domagnano, on Mount Lupo, stood the ancient Malatesta fortress, formerly a Longobard observation tower, which passed to San Marino in 1463. On the top of “Montelupo” there is now a small church.

Every year this area is enlivened by the Torraccia Festival organized by the Montelupo Cooperative citizen committee.

The soccer team in the Castle is F.C. Domagnano.

Municipal headquarters: Casa del Castello di Domagnano, via Giosuè Carducci n.11, +378 0549.883450.

Coat of arms: takes up its original name (Montelupo – Wolf Mount) showing a passing wolf and a ruined tower on a mountaintop.