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Faetano is a castle with 1192 inhabitants in a territory of 7.75 km². It borders Montegiardino, Fiorentino, Borgo Maggiore and Domagnano and the Italian municipalities of Coriano (RN), Montescudo (RN) and Sassofeltrio (PU).

With Montegiardino, Fiorentino and Serravalle, it was one of the “Castra Subdita”, former Malatesta castles that became part of the San Marino territory in 1463: it became part of the San Marino Republic like the others, during Pius II’s war against Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta; once they reached Faetano, the San Marino troops found their opponents surrendering. Just a year later, however, after a reprisal by the inhabitants, in revenge, the fortified town was razed to the ground.

Today it remains a small town, the heart of which is the square facing the Church of St. Paul consecrated in 1917. Faetano is known for its pottery production; since 1962 Ceramica Faetano has been a symbol of tradition, art and excellence.

Like other Castelli, it has its own soccer club, the Faetano Football Association.

Castello di Faetano

Fun fact: The Castle House has a stone bell tower where the oldest clock in San Marino is housed, coming from the Parva Domus, a palace located in front of the Palazzo Pubblico and already mentioned in some documents from 1353.

Municipal headquarters:
Faetano Casa di Castello, Piazza del Massaro, +378 0549.996158.

Coat of arms: depicts a beech tree, hence also the place name Faetano, from fagus. “Golden, to a beech tree uprooted in the natural state.”