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Fiorentino Castle has 2,563 inhabitants and covers an area of 6.57 km². It borders the castles of Chiesanuova, Città di San Marino, Borgo Maggiore, Faetano and Montegiardino and the Italian municipalities of Monte Grimano (PU) and Sassofeltrio (PU).

It was one of the Castra Subdita along with Montegiardino, Faetano and Serravalle, former Malatesta castles that became part of San Marino territory in 1463 and have been “subject” to the laws of the Republic ever since.
Once conquered, after a battle won by the League of Pius II against Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, the San Marino people razed it to the ground to prevent it from falling into the hands of their adversaries, and today all that remains of the castle are its ruins on Mount Seghizo.

Fiorentino’s district is also called the “Land of Castles.” In addition to its own castle, there were on its territory the tower of Torricella, on Mount S. Cristoforo, demolished in 1465, and the Castle of Pennarossa, on Mount Moganzio, of which remain the foundations and cistern, dug into the rock.

Today it is one of the most urbanized Castelli with many businesses, housing, banks, and here is the Federico Crescentini sports field, the second largest facility in the Republic of San Marino. There are as many as two local soccer teams: S.P. Tre Fiori and F.C. Fiorentino.

Fun fact: In the 15th century it represented the most threatening outpost of the lords of Rimini, just three kilometers away from San Marino. For this reason, it earned the nickname “Castellaccio.”

Municipal headquarters: Fiorentino Castle House, Via della Rena, +378 0549.878100.

Coat of arms: bearing three red roses on a yellow background, the name comes from the florid and wild nature. “Golden with three roses gules, buttoned of the first.”