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With just 983 inhabitants and an area of 3.31 km², it is the smallest castle in the Republic. It borders the Castles of Fiorentino and Faetano and the Italian towns of Sassofeltrio (PU) and Monte Grimano (PU).

A very characteristic village with well-preserved alleys, it has a quiet and charming atmosphere that is also recalled in its graceful coat of arms.

Together with Fiorentino, Faetano and Serravalle, it was one of the “Castra Subdita“, the former Malatesta castles that became part of the San Marino territory in 1463 and since then “subject” to the laws of the Republic. In order to wrest it from the Malatesta soldiers, the San Marino people – in agreement with the Montefeltro troops – besieged its walls for a long time, until, by order of Federico d’Urbino, the castle was even dismantled. Its ruins were recovered only almost two centuries later, in 1647, by the rector of the nearby church that stood outside the walls.

Montegiardino is home to the Department of Economics and Technology of the University of San Marino.

Antica Locanda Moda di San Marino

To see: inside the village, in addition to the characteristic alleys, you can admire the castle gate and the parish of San Lorenzo.

Fun fact: Montegiardino is home to the Antica Locanda Modà, a design hotel inside Palazzo Mengozzi, a 17th-century building classified as a national heritage site by the local government.

Municipal headquarters: Casa del Castello di Montegiardino, Salita al Castello, +378 0549.996380.

Coat of arms: the traditional shield with curved lower border has a blue background, there is a yellow trimontium depicted from which rise three red flowers with stems and two green leaves. “Azure, with three roses gules legged and foliated in green, arranged in a fan, moving from the top of a mountain of three golden peaks.”


castello montegiardino stemma