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San Marino City: the historic center of the Republic

City of San Marino is the capital of the Republic of San Marino and capital of the Castle that bears the same name and covers 7.09 km² with 4054 inhabitants (while the city has 3997 residents) (updated data 2020).

It is the third largest city in the country, after Borgo Maggiore and Dogana, a hamlet of Serravalle and includes some hamlets:

  • Murata
  • Santa Mustiola
  • Montalbo
  • Castellaro
  • Casole
  • Canepa

It borders the Castelli of Acquaviva, Borgo Maggiore, Fiorentino and Chiesanuova and the Italian municipality of San Leo (PU).

Historic Center of San Marino

City of San Marino (simply called “San Marino” or just “City” by the San Marino people) is perched atop Mount Titano and exceeds all others in height above sea level (more than 700 meters). Its walled village is nothing else but the historic center of San Marino, the oldest residential core. This is where the institutional offices of the government (Palazzo Pubblico), the Great and General Council and the state secretariats are located.

To access the historic center there are four gates:

  • St. Francis Gate or Porta del Paese
  • Porta della Fratta
  • Porta della Rupe
  • Porta della Murata or Portanova
Guardia alla Porta del Paese di San Marino

Guard on San Marino’s Country Gate, photo credits facebook.com/Portadelpaese

Here are the most important monuments and museums, among them the three medieval towers, symbol of San Marino, the Basilica del Santo, which preserves the relics of Saint Marino, founder of the country, the Monastery of Santa Chiara, the Gate and Church of San Francesco, the Ombrelli district and the small square of the Titan. Finally, Piazza della Libertà stands out, home to the Palazzo Pubblico and an exceptional panoramic terrace.

To visit and discover all the places of interest, you can view and download a printable version of the map of San Marino’s historic center.

The municipal headquarters is the City Castle House, Basilicius Street, ph +378 0549.882918.

The coat of arms of the Castle echoes the flag of San Marino with three golden towers with a white plume and on the bottom the walls with the motto “Libertas.”