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With 11035 inhabitants, it is the most populated castle in San Marino and includes 8 curacies (hamlets) with which it covers the extension of 10.53 km², one-sixth of the country:

  • Cà Ragni,
  • Cinque Vie,
  • Dogana,
  • Falciano,
  • Lesignano,
  • Ponte Mellini,
  • Rovereta
  • Valgiurata

It borders the castles of Domagnano and Borgo Maggiore and the Italian municipalities of Verucchio (RN), Rimini (RN) and Coriano (RN).

It once bore the name Olnano (in latin Castrum Olnani) and was one of the castles of the Malatesta family of Rimini, which became part of San Marino territory in 1463. The place name Serravalle means “which closes the valley” and refers to its geographical position that closes the last hills of the Ausa valley before the Romagna plain.


Titan’s main entrance from Rimini to which it is connected by the highway. Along this road, at the height of the border, is the Border Bridge with the famous inscription “Welcome to the ancient land of freedom” that welcomes those entering San Marino.
Recently, Dogana, the district’s most populous town, would like to emancipate itself from Serravalle and form a castle of its own. But at the moment, Arengo petitions-that is, citizens’ requests-submitted to the Great and General Council have so far been rejected.


In 1957 it was the stage for the civil war known as the “Rovereta events.” On September 30 of that year, a provisional right-wing committee occupied an abandoned industrial plant and set up a parallel government, with the support of U.S. and Italian forces, which viewed the incumbent majority unfavorably. In fact, the Carabinieri protected the plant on the three Italian sides. A volunteer militia was even established by the Regency to ensure law and order. The situation was unblocked between Oct. 8 and 10: Ettore Sozzi, commander of the gendarmerie, was given full powers, and on Oct. 11 the provisional government ascended to the Titan.

To this day, Rovereta is an industrial zone and occupies political debate because it is home to gambling halls that the government recently acquired ownership of but remain frowned upon by the opposition. The finger is reportedly pointed at gambling that is said to be practiced, despite the fact that current agreements with Italy prohibit it.

Stadio Olimpico San Marino

Fun fact:
Serravalle is home to the republic’s three most important sports centers, San Marino Stadium or Stadio Olimpico, where San Marino Soccer and the San Marino national team play, and the baseball stadium where the San Marino Baseball Club plays.

Municipal headquarters:
Casa del Castello di Serravalle, Via E. da Montefeltro No. 18, +378 0549.900149

Coat of arms: the red tower alludes to Serravalle’s defensive role. “Azure, to the square tower gules, embattled with three pieces in the Ghibelline style.”