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Camping and RV vacations are a real passion for travelers who prefer autonomy and a bit of adventure in their days. In recent years camping is not necessarily synonymous with discomfort and renunciation, in fact thanks to “glamping,” a recent term that combines the word “camping” with “glamour,” it has become fashionable to camp in places and facilities in the middle of nature but rich in services and comforts that make the stay suggestive and allow an outdoor vacation with unique charm.

In San Marino you can find 5 RV sites, camping areas and a vacation center with tents and bungalows, for an adventurous stay on the Mount Titan.


Camper Service Serravalle
Camper place, load potable water and sump.
Next to to the car park of the Olympic stadium.

📍 Via Rancaglia, 30

Equipped area Borgo Maggiore
Camper place, load potable water, sump and toilet. Pedestrian access to the cableway Borgo Maggiore-San Marino.

📍 Strada della Baldasserona, Car park Baldasserona.

Equipped area Ca’ Martino
Equipped area with parking facilities, drinking water loading, drainage well and toilet facilities.

📍 Strada Genghe di Atto, car park on the road to Gualdicciolo.

Camper and pullman service Fonte dell’Ovo – Park n.12
Camper place, load potable water, sump. Stop allowed in the near car parks.

📍 Strada Campo dei Giudei, near study centre.

Park n.10
Charge parking connected with 2 lifts to the city center

📍 Via Bonaparte


Holiday Center San Marino
Holiday village including residential units (wooden bungalows and small apartments in masonry) with amenities and a campsite (100,000 sq.m. with 200 camping sites) open year-round. It is located in a quiet area near the historic center of San Marino.

Shooting Range Campground – Camping Ex Tiro a Volo
Free public camping area near the historic center.
📍 Via del Serrone, 65

Information can also be addressed to:
Federation of San Marino Campers
Strada San Michele, 50 – Borgo Maggiore