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San Marino is rich in history and charm for its fairy-tale atmosphere, and its gastronomy is no less: as tasty and rich as that of nearby Romagna, rich in tradition and with many typical products to discover.

The piadina also reigns supreme here and is an excellent solution for a quick meal if you are visiting the historic center.

For those who want a more elegant dinner or in the countryside, there are many trattorias and restaurants, including starred ones, that are worth getting to know.

Here are some tips for eating in San Marino. Some of these restaurants are located right in the historic center, thus in the heart of the ancient City of San Marino, while others are located in the various neighboring Castles.


L’Angela Veste Piada
Via Ca’ dei Lunghi, 16 – Borgo Maggiore
Tel. 0549 906709

Il Matterello
Via Consiglio Dei Sessanta, 150 – Città di San Marino
Tel. 0549 908938
Small place outside the old town, offers piadinas, cassoni and other specialties


Trattoria Ritrovo dei Lavoratori XXVIII Luglio
Via Androne dei Bastioni, 4 – San Marino Città
Tel. 0549 992578
Traditional San Marino tavern, right in the old town, quaint and with good prices.

Il Buttero
Strada Del Bargello, 5 – Falciano
Tel. 0549 909200
Small restaurant specializing in meats and Tuscan cuisine.

Cantina di Bacco
Contrada Santa Croce, 35 – San Marino Città
Tel. 0549 992840
Cozy and romantic little restaurant made out of a cave. First-rate local products, also has arest house where you can stay overnight.

Ristorante Nido del Falco
Contrada dei Fossi, 7 – San Marino Città
Tel. 0549 990648
Panoramic restaurant located at one of the highest points in San Marino.

For a special dinner

  • Il Piccolo
    Sophisticated restaurant with seafood specialties, small but atmospheric location: eat outdoors or in a room made out of a cave.
    Via Del Serrone 17, Località Murata, Città di San Marino
    Tel. +39 0549 992815
  • La Fratta
    In the historic center of the city of San Marino, perched on the old city wall, with a panoramic terrace. Meat specialties and pizzeria.
    Via Salita alla Rocca, 14 – San Marino Città
    Tel. +39 0549 991594
  • La Terrazza
    Fine restaurant in the historic center, overlooking the hills and valleys of the Titan.
    Contrada del Collegio 31, San Marino Città
    Tel. +39 0549 991007

Gluten free restaurants

  • Il Beccafico
    Via Salita alla Rocca, 34 – Borgo Maggiore
    Tel. 0549 991166
    Rustic restaurant with panoramic terrace, also gluten-free menu.
  • Ristorante Spingarda
    Contrada dei Magazzeni, 30 – Città di San Marino
    Tel. 0549 992306
    Land and seafood menus of traditional Romagna cuisine and innovative dishes in a restaurant with panoramic views. Suitable for gluten-free.
  • Ristorante Due Archi
    Via Del Passetto, 47 – Fiorentino
    Tel. 0549 997889
    Restaurant and pizzeria in Fiorentino Castle, traditional cuisine also gluten free.
  • Ristorante Royal Le Terrazze
    Via M. Moretti, 23 – Serravalle
    Tel. 0549 955571
    Pizzeria restaurant inside the Azzurro shopping center with also take-away service, offers its menu also gluten-free.

Pizza restaurants

Ristorante Parco Verde
Strada Di Montecerreto, 51 – Acquaviva
Tel. 0549 992695
Pleasant environment a short walk from town, nestled in a park, with a large veranda. Excellent dishes and pizzas.

Da Walter e Lella
Via Gamella, 3 – Località Murata
Tel. 0549-992162
Good pizza and friendliness, the owner is an accomplished rally driver. You can also eat outside in the garden.

For a fancy meal

America Graffiti
Strada di Paderna, 2 – Domagnano
Tel. 0549-900668
1950s American fastfood where you can enjoy great American-style burgers.

Hotel restaurants

  • L’Arengo
    Grand Hotel San Marino restaurant, elegant atmosphere
    Viale A. Onofri , 31 – Città di San Marino
    Tel. +39 0549 992400
  • Ristorante Hotel Cesare
    Romagna and local specialties
    Via Salita alla Rocca, 7 – Città di San Marino
    Tel. +39 0549 992355
  • Sala Vecchia Stazione – Ristorante Hotel Joli
    Rustic setting ideal for group lunches and dinners, events and celebrations. Romagna cuisine.
    Viale Federico d’Urbino, 38 – Città di San Marino
    Tel. +39 0549 991008
  • Ristorante Grand Hotel Primavera
    Via L. Cibrario, 22 – Località Borgo Maggiore, Città di San Marino
    Tel. + 39 0549 902007
  • Ristorante Hotel Rosa
    Via Lapicidi Marini, 23 – Città di San Marino
    Tel. +39 0549 991961
  • Ristorante Hotel Crocenzi
    Via XXVIII Luglio, 175 – Località Borgo Maggiore
    Tel. 0549 902507
  • Ristorante Hotel Rossi
    Via XXV Marzo, 13 – Località Domagnano
    Tel. 0549 902263
  • Ristorante Hotel Titano
    Contrada del Collegio, 31 – Località San Marino Città
    Tel. 0549 991006
  • Ristorante Hotel Gasperoni
    Via V Febbraio, 121 – Località Domagnano
    Tel. 0549 900282
  • Ristorante Relaìs Locanda dell’Artista
    Via del Dragone, 18 – Località Montegiardino
    Tel. 0549 996024

Low cost restaurants

Ristorante Il Loco self-service
Via Basilicius, 18 – San Marino Città
Tel. 0549 990598

For a meal with friends

Ristorante Bar Tiro a Volo
Via dei Giacinti, 24 – Serravalle
Tel. 337 1007077 (Marco)
San Marino Shooting Range Restaurant. Homemade pasta and high-quality Chianina meat are highlights.

Ristorante Pic Nic
Piazzale Calcigni, 11 – San Marino Città
Tel. 0549 991658

Michelin Guide restaurants

Ristorante Righi — The restaurant ended its more than 30-year business in 2023.
High-class restaurant, 1 Michelin star since 2008. Downstairs also a traditional tavern for more casual dining.

Piazza della Liberta 10, – San Marino Città
Tel. +39 0549 991196