Maps of San Marino

Use the map to help orient:

The Republic of San Marino extends for 61.19 square kilometers and has a population of 32 538 inhabitants (2013).

In this map of the historical center you can find all the places of interest, monuments, museums, restaurants, hotels and parkings.

In the territory of San Marino can be found two “legendary” places for San Marino.
The cliff of Baldasserona, is believed to be the location of the Titan where Saint Marino stopped for the first time. Here, in fact, there is a large slit, considered the place of the first refuge of St. Marino: a legendary place, considered the point where their story of Republic began.

Montecerreto. At the foot of this hill, was the source by which the Holy baptized the first Christian community of San Marino and hence the name “Acquaviva”.
Historical records that “in the castle of Montecerreto”, identifiable with Acquaviva, 885 was issued on “Placito Feretrano”, the oldest document of the Republic of San Marino.

  1. Nazzario Di Mauro says:

    Instruction “How to reach” should indicate where are you.Which road or highway we should take..etc
    Try yourself : Imagine you are in Rome or Florence and you want come to San Marino, which kind of indication you get…interesting to know San Marino is 61 kmq..and about .cliff of Baldasserra, but peole first need arrive….


  2. Doug says:

    Dear NDM . Better form of your advice is like : Instruction ” How to reach ” ( Us ) should indicate where you are , which route to here best fits your trip plan of activity , if Florence or Rome are visited by you already , come to ” Old School ” San Marino ( all Proudly Free 61 km sq of it ) with historic legends about the Cliff at Baldaserra the split in the mountain that was the first chapel Saint Marino Christened the new congregation there , & nearby beachfront towns to visit , within 20 km . But People have to arrive first !


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