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Parking in San Marino

All parking lots in the center of San Marino and Borgo Maggiore are located outside the ZTL- restricted traffic zone, which affects only the area of the old city wall of the City of San Marino, the Old Town.

Check the map:

P1 – historic center
Via Piana, 16 along the wall of Porta San Francesco

Piazzale Giangi

Viale J.F. Kennedy

Viale Antonio Onofri

Viale Antonio Onofri crossroad via F. Maccioni

Piazzale Cava Antica

Cava degli Umbri

Via Piana

P9 covered
Floor 9 – Via Gino Giacomini
Floor 1 – Via Napoleone Bonaparte
free from 5 pm to 6 am
Charging stations for electric cars available.

P10 camper van + car (not equipped)
Via Napoleone Bonaparte
Charging stations for electric cars available.

P11 – Ropeway
Piazzale Campo della Fiera
here you can take the cable car to the historic center.

Viale Campo dei Giudei
Shuttle service, free from 5 pm to 6 am

P13 motorhome + car (equipped)
Via Bigelli – Borgo Maggiore

Piazzale Calcigni

Piazzale della Stazione

Car Fee
1 hour € 1,50
2 hours€ 3,00
3 – 5 hours € 4,50
full day € 8,00
Shuttle service (P.12-P.le Stazione) € 2/person
24 h – € 4,00 if you stay in San Marino’s hotels

Bus Fee
1 hour € 3,60
2 hours € 7,20
3 hours € 9,00
4 – 6 hours € 10,00
7 – 24 hours € 20,00
50% if you stay in San Marino’s hotels

Parking spaces cannot be reserved.

For more information on parking, contact the company Gestione Autonoma Parcheggi Statali at +378 0549 883808.

To find out about disabled parking spaces and other information on accessibility, we recommend consulting the guide produced by San Marino x Tutti on accessible tourism in San Marino.

Download city center’s map

    • Staff says:

      Hello James, you can park your motorhome in the Park 10 (not equipped area) and 13 (equipped).


  1. MIhály Barosi says:

    If I were stay in a Hotel in the old town, and would like to stay im parking lot P6, are there any traffic restriction because of which I couldn’t leave the town after between 10am and 8pm? It would stay just one night, arrive late and depart around 10am. Thanks!


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