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The ordinary passport is issued to citizens of the Republic of San Marino by Regent Captains and by Secretariat of State for Foreign and Political Affairs. The document may be issued also to stateless persons but only in case of effective residence (documented in the Registry Office) in the territory of the Republic of San Marino. For adults the document is valid for 10 years and is recognized by all States. To obtain the passport the following fees are charged: minimum Euro 10 to a maximum of Euro 60 according to the age of the owner of the passport.

The relevant passport application form must be submitted to Dipartimento Affari Esteri Servizio Passaporti e Legalizzazioni (State Department of Foreign Affairs – Passport Services and Legalization Office). The following certificates must be issued no more than three months prior to the date of application: birth certificate, certificate of Citizenship or Stateless certificate, Residence certificate (or relevant self-certification form). Furthermore the applicant must include: a certificate of criminal record, pending suit and full civil capacity (to be issued by the Law Court). Two photos, one of which certified by the Registrar of Vital Statistics or a Public notary, should accompany the request..

In the case of passport applications for minors, both parents or legal guardians must submit the relevant application form. The validity of passports issued to minors depends upon the age of the child: 3 years, for minors from 0 to 3 years of age; 5 years, for minors from 3 to 14; 10 years, for minors from the age of 14 onwards. In case of disagreement between parents Family Law provisions “Diritto di Famiglia” art. 29 and 114 of Law 26 April 1986 n. 49. shall apply.

Relevant norms
New laws regulating the ordinary passport issue are Law 16 June 2004 n. 79. The decree was issued by Captains Regent Paolo Bollini and Marino Riccardi and signed by the State Secretary of Foreign Affairs Loris Francini. For more information on obtaining passports, please contact Ufficio Passaporti (Passport Services Office) phone numbers 0549-882237/0549-882238.

State Department of Foreign Affairs – Passport Office – Headquarter
Palazzo Giovagnoli – Via della Capannaccia, 13
47890 San Marino (RSM)
Tel. 0549(from Italy) / +378 (out of Italy) .882237/ 882238
Fax 0549(from Italy) / +378 (out of Italy) .882700
e-mail: info.passaporti@pa.sm

Office timetable
Monday, Thursday: 8.15 – 14.15, 15.00 – 18.00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 8.15 – 14.15

Forms to obtein the passport
Together with forms as follows, the applicant must enclose also documents as per art. 2,3 and 4 of Law 16 June 2004 n. 79
– Modulo A richiesta passaporto
– Modulo B per minori con firma dei genitori
– Modulo C dichiarazione sostitutiva di certificazione
– Modulo D dichiarazione sostitutiva di certificazione con stato di famiglia