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Residence permit

Issue of residence permit in the Republic of San Marino
When their stay in the territory of the Republic of San Marino lasts more than 10 days, foreign citizens must obtain a permit of stay or residence permit. The permit document can be of three different types: for tourism, special or ordinary.

The ordinary permit is issued by the State Congress for those without a work contract or with a work contract for an indefinite period of time, according to law in force. The tourist permit of stay is issued by Gendarmerie and can be valid for a of max. 90 days. This permit is issued for people staying in the Republic of San Marino for tourism, school, health or rest but for a maximum of 90 days and does not allow for health assistance rights. The eventual renewal or extension is issued always by the Gendarmerie for an additional 90 days maximum. The special permit of stay can be continuous or seasonal. In the first case “continuous” when the applicant has a job contract for an indefinite period of time, the second case “seasonal” when the applicant has a job contract for a max. length of 10 months. The continuous permit of stay is granted by the State Congress. The seasonal permit of stay can be requested by the applicant to the Foreign Office of Gendarmerie after a control of the Commission of Jobs (Commissione di Collocamento) shows no possibilities to find in the official list of job skilled personnel as requested. The permit of stay for study is allowed for all students attending primary, secondary school up to the university for the length of at least one school year. The permit of stay covers the entire period of study. It is necessary to attend the school courses obtaining sufficient results. The application for a permit of stay should be sent to the Passport Office.

How to obtain a residence permit in San Marino
The residence permit is issued by the Gendarmerie for special documented motives and can be issued after at least 5 years from the date of the issue of the permit of stay (ordinary, special continuous), but only when the permanence of the applicant in the Republic of San Marino has been without interruptions and when there are no pending procedures and important reasons of public order. In derogation from the law, the following bodies, upon receipt of motivated proposals from the State Congress, have the authority to issue residence permits: the Permanent Commission for Foreign Affairs, Emigration and Immigration, Information, Transport and Tele-communication, Police and Public Order.. The State Congress is responsible for drawing up an annual report of the stay and residence permit situation to be passed on to Grand and General Council.

The relevant norms
The norms which regulate the permit of stay and residence for foreign citizens are contained in the Law 4 September 1997 n. 95 signed by Captains Regent Paride Andreoli and Pier Marino Mularoni and by the State Secretary of Foreign Affairs Antonio L. Volpinari.

To obtain more information please contact:
State Secretary of Foreign Affairs (Segreteria di Stato per gli Affari Esteri e Politici)
Phone: 0549-882312

Fac-simile forms. In order to be valid documents must be produced on free paper and delivered to Passport Office.

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