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Great and General Council

The Grand and General Council is an elected governmental organ which directly represents the electoral body and is vested with legislative power as well as the power of nomination of all those state organisms foreseen by the political and legal order; the Grand and General Council constitutes the San Marino Parliament and is composed of 60 Councilors elected every five years in general elections.

During elections the voters cast a single vote for a list with the possibility of indicating up to three preferences for the candidates in that particular list.

The allotment of the parliamentary seats for each list is in proportional representation (the number of votes obtained in respect to all those expressed).

For the election of a Councilor to be valid, the following requisites are necessary::

  • 25 years of age
  • San Marino citizen (Foreign women married to San Marino citizens must have acquired San Marino citizenship for at least five years)
  • literate (must be able to read and write)
  • no close parental ties with another Councilor
  • no criminal convictions
  • no certification of mental infirmity
  • enjoyment of full exercise of political rights
  • no clerical positions or diplomatic or consular appointments, for foreign states, even if honorary
  • not a member of any municipal councils, the gendarmerie or civilian police force

The Council is presided over by two Regents, in cooperation with the Office of the President.


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