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Permanent Council Commissions

There are five internal organisms within the Grand and General Council, as provided for in 1995. Each organism is composed of a restricted number of Councilors (fifteen members nominated in proportional representation between the Council Groups and the lists represented in the Council).
The same Councilor can be a member of one or more Commissions; while the Secretaries of State cannot. The duty of the Council Commissions is to examine government bills, as well as to express opinions on the work of other commissions, since each has different duties.

The Commissions last a legislature; namely, five years; a president and a vice-president are elected in each Commission; the sessions are open to the public except in rare cases.

  • I. Commission Constitutional and Institutional Affairs, Laws of the State and the Organization of the Public Administration, Civil Defence, Internal Affairs, Relations with Municipal Councils (Castelli)
  • II. Commission Foreign Affairs, Emigration and Immigration, Information, Transportation and Telecommunications, Law and Order
  • III. Commission Finance, Budget and Planning, Artisan activity, Industry, Economic Cooperation, Commerce, Labor and Cooperation
  • IV. Commission Social Security, Social Affairs, Health and Hygiene, Territory, Environment, Public Works and Public Services, Agriculture
  • V. Commission Justice, Education, Cultural Activities and Patrimony, University and Scientific Research, Sports, Tourism