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State Congress

Originally this body had only a consultative function; however, since 1945 it detains executive, political and administrative powers. The State Congress is, in effect, the Government of San Marino and is the expression of the majority of the councilors. It is composed of a maximum of ten Secretaries of State, corresponding to the Italian Government Ministers; each of which is responsible for one or more administrative sectors. The most prestigious position, which has always been awarded to the political leader of the majority of elected councilors, is that of the Secretary of State for Foreign and Political Affairs.

The State Congress determines the general policy of government, dictates the course of action in relation to the political administration and to international relations; proposes new legislation; deliberates and regulates administrative measures and invokes urgent decrees.

The State Congress is convened and coordinated by the Regents; while the Secretaries of State are nominated by the Grand and General Council during the inaugural session and the approval of the program of the Government. Each Secretary of State is in charge of a Secretariat until the end of the legislature.

The State Congress is composed as follows:

  • Foreign Affairs, Political Affairs and Economic Programming
  • Internal Affairs, Civil Defence and the Implementation of the Political Program
  • Finance, Budget, Posts and Relations with the Autonomous State Philatelic and Numismatic Agency
  • Industry, Artisan activity with a delegation of power for Commerce, Research and Relations with the Autonomous State Agency for Public Utilities
  • Territory and Environment with a delegation of power for Agriculture and Relations with the Autonomous State Agency for Production
  • Tourism with a delegation of power for Sport, Telecommunications, Transport and Economic Cooperation
  • Health and Social Security with a delegation of power for Welfare and Equal Opportunities
  • Education and Culture, University, Cultural Institutes, Information and Research
  • Employment and Cooperation with a delegation of power for Juvenile Policies
  • Justice and Relations with Municipal Councils with a delegation of power for Information and Peace


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