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5 things to do with children between San Marino and Romagna

Romagna and San Marino are two popular destinations for families with children, not only because of the excellent accommodation and low cost hospitality but also because of the countless entertainment and fun options tailored to the little ones.

San Marino, with its medieval atmosphere, towers and alleyways, fascinates children who can explore the historic center and its many sights to discover its curiosities and the panorama that overlooks the entire Romagna coast.

Romagna, on the other hand, with its well-equipped beaches, playgrounds, entertainment activities, amusement parks and thousands of children’s events is definitely the place to be for a seaside family vacation.

Here are 5 things to do with kids in and around San Marino if you have chosen these two destinations for a weekend or a nice summer vacation.

1. Have an adventure at the Adventure Park in San Marino

san marino adventure park

San Marino Adventures Park is nestled in a forest and is among the largest in Europe. Here fun and adrenaline are guaranteed for children, teens and adults who can test themselves on 30 courses suspended in the trees, up to 35 meters high! There are also games for toddlers (from 24 months), and there are moving nature and sports activities such as softair, archery and horseback riding. The park has picnic and refreshment areas for spending the whole day outdoors. It is located 10 minutes from the historic center of San Marino.

Info: San Marino Adventures Park

2. Discover the strangest things in the world at the Museum of Curiosities

Objects and oddities, curiosities, mind-blowing inventions and unusual characters-all of these can be found at the Museum of Curiosities in San Marino. Hundreds of objects to satisfy all the most bizarre questions children can ever ask.

Info: Museum of Curiosities

Ingresso Museo Curiosità San Marino

3. Traveling with imagination in the Park of Forgotten Stories

The Park of Forgotten Stories is a small garden curated by the Pologioco Ludoteca of San Marino. It is a place of refreshment where art, with statues and installations, transports young and old to a world of fairy tales and legends inspired by San Marino’s popular and historical heritage and fairy tale tradition.

Info: tripadvisor.co.uk

4. Hiking with an experienced guide

escursioni natura san marino trekking

San Marino Trekking is an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the knowledge of hiking trails and paths for excursions in the San Marino territory. You can follow their program on social channels or contact them to organize activities and nature walks in the surroundings of San Marino, discovering Mount Titano, Valmarecchia and Montefeltro.

Info: sanmarinotrekking.com.


5. Have fun at the Pink Night


Pink Night is the most anticipated event of the Romagna summer: events and concerts dedicated to the enjoyment of adults and children take place all along the Adriatic coast. It is also called the New Year’s Eve of the summer, and the packed program of shows and entertainment “in pink” fills the cities of Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica, and Misano with the inevitable final fireworks display. For the little ones, in Bellaria Igea Marina the festivities become the Carnevale in Rosa with a grand parade of floats, masks and lots of music through the streets of the town and on the beach.

Info: lanotterosa.it