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A tiny city: children’s tour in San Marino in 5 moves!

Children really like San Marino!
It may be because of its structure, it may be because of the charm of the landscape, because it stands on a mountain and slowly to reach it you go up and from the road you can see the towers and large rocks more and more closely. It almost looks like a magical land, a fairy tale town where a beautiful princess might be imprisoned, ready to be rescued by her prince or adventurous knights and archers compete in battle to dominate the whole valley from above. The fact remains that San Marino has a lot to offer the little ones, and its proximity to Italy on the Rimini border makes it convenient to visit for all tourists vacationing on the Riviera Romagnola.

Here are the 5 things to do in San Marino if you are a child:

1. Cable Car and Little Train

Since we talked about magic, we couldn’t help but start with a “flight” on a cable car, high in the air inside a glass cabin. The cable car goes from Borgo Maggiore Castle to the historic center, right within the walls of the ancient City of San Marino. It is like flying on the back of a dragon to his castle, and from there the adventure can begin.

It “flies” over a 166-meter drop at 6 meters per second. A great tour! We recommend it to all children visiting San Marino. For children under 1.20 in stature the climb is free.

For those who want a softer but equally fun ride, you can choose a fantastic trip with the little white and blue train, which always runs from Borgo Maggiore (at the foot of the mountain) to San Marino city. The little train is motorized and takes a very nice ride, on the “tracks” of the old railway among fascinating scenery and views, and even passes through the old tunnels of Borgo Maggiore and Montalbo.
There is also a guidebook (in several languages) on the little blue train, which during the ride (30 minutes long) tells the salient events of the ancient Republic, history and legends of the area.
In short, a wonderful way to start your visit in the Republic with “By Train San Marino” (+378 0549.906991 – www.bytrainsanmarino.com).

Tickets can be conveniently purchased on the bus at a cost of 12 euros for adults. Children under 3 years old ride for free and reduced to 7 euros from 4 to 14 years old.


And once you arrive in the heart of San Marino, what to do?

2. Visit the Towers

The historic center of San Marino is all to be discovered, with narrow streets that you can walk through quietly because there are no cars and the characteristic medieval setting. To take a real trip back in time, the right place to visit are the Three Towers that once defended the city and that can be reached through the Sentiero delle Streghe (Witches’ Trail), a stone path that winds over a crenellated bridge connecting the Guaita Tower with the Cesta Tower and then penetrates through the greenery of trees and bushes to the Montale Tower.

The Witches’ Trail, legend has it, was a gathering place in the Middle Ages for women, sorceresses and witches who danced together on moonlit nights. Today it is a peaceful walk suitable for all ages and very atmospheric!

Prima Torre e Sentiero delle Streghe

The visit can continue with a stop at one of San Marino’s most liked museums by young children.

3. Museum of Curiosities

This is the most loved by little boys and girls because it really satisfies their desire to discover oddities and curiosities. How did the nose clock work? Have you ever seen a flea trap? What did mustachioed men’s teacups look like? Here are all the answers to these questions can be found by visiting the Museum of Curiosities.

“Incredible but true” seems to be the motto of this quirky museum. Here you will find funny stories and characters, strange and amusing objects, a one-of-a-kind collection that will entice children but also adults in a 600-square-meter journey of oddities all to see, to entertain, and also to teach (8 euros, full ticket; 5 euros reduced).

4. Museum of Creatures of the Night – Vampires and Werewolves

If you love scary stories, in San Marino there is the right place for you: the Museum of Vampires and Werewolves.

Not suitable for very young children or those who don’t like strong emotions, this museum features reproductions of horror scenes and characters, werewolves, vampires, monsters and other scary figures…luckily there is no need to fear, they are all statues! With lots of cards telling trivia, stories and legends. Children get in free, and the ticket cost for adults is 8 euros.

5. San Marino Adventures

For the adventurous and courageous nature lovers, there is the San Marino Adventures Park where trails through the trees, climbing and explorations let have fun in complete safety and with a pinch of adrenaline.

There are 30 trails available and they are suitable for different ages, including adults! There are climbing walls, training trails and a park even for children…plus a relaxation and barbecue area for a nice outdoor picnic.

San Marino Adventures

6. Bowling in the evening

And at the end of the day, after all these adventures, young and old alike earned a stop at Rose’n Bowl, an English pub where you can bowl and so much more. There are 18 lanes, a cafe, big screens and a huge game room with inflatables. Then there are parties with lots of entertainment every night, plus evening bowling classes and family events. What better way to end the day having fun and eating chips?

After such a tour in San Marino we assure you that children will plunge into the most satisfied sleep, dreaming of towers and castles, dragons and knights.