Cesenatico is a charming resort which welcomes its visitors with warm hospitality. The “life style” of the people of Romagna is quite evident here: the aroma of hot piada, the fresh fish, the tiny port full of an atmosphere of “times gone by”, the suggestive antique boats with brightly colored sails, the blu of the sea and the golden sand.

The port canal was first built in 1325 to permit the products of the fertile lands of nearby Cesena to reach the sea. The network of canals was later redesigned in 1520 by Leonardo da Vinci, upon appointment of Cesare Borgia.
Fishing has always been an important economic factor for this community, which is famous (and rightfully so) for its first-class restaurants and trattorie which serve the freshest of seafood specialities.

During the XVII century, for better preservation of the fish, “conserve” were built – these can be seen even today in the square with the same name. These “conserve” are large conical containers in masonry, with the base protruding from the ground and with an opening a few meters wide. The fish was packed with pressed ice and snow and preserved at a constant temperature of 1 or 2 degrees all year round. At the beginning of the 1900’s, there were more than 20 “conserve” functioning in Cesenatico.

Some events which the visitor must not miss and which are relative to the city’s fishing traditions are: “Azzurro come il Pesce“, held during the first weekend in March, and “Il Pesce in Festa”, held during the first weekend in November. During these events one can enjoy a choice of street foods, including paper cones full of small local fried fish to be enjoyed while meandering through the squares and harbour streets, or try the traditional local dishes presented at Palazzo Veronese. Many restaurants take part in these event; just to name a few: Lido Lido, La Buca, Teresina, Titon, La Scogliera, Vittorio.

Near Cesenatico, along its 7 km of soft, golden sands, we find the tiny resorts of Zadina, Valverde, Villamarina,San Mauro and Gatteo. If you are a sports lover, Cesenatico boasts the presence of many Bike hotels. The famous “Nove Colli” competition takes place here: There is a great passion for cycling in this area. The famous and unforgettable cycling champion, Marco Pantani (nicknamed “the pirate”) was born in the nearby city of Cesena. Cesenatico offers even more: many excellent economic hotels are available. Cesenatico is ideal for your seaside holidays.


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