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Igea Marina

Igea Marina is adjacent to Bellaria and is a seaside resort which pays particular attention to an environmentally-friendly tourist trade thanks to the recovery of natural “green” areas, the restoration of historic buildings and the creation of pedestrian islands. The beach area is well equipped, safe and is lined with comfortable family-owned hotel accommodations.

This resort was called Igea Marina by Vittorio Belli (1870-1953), a doctor from Rimini who, at the beginning of 1900 gave this name to the village which he designed and built among the sand dunes between the Uso River and the neighboring locality of Torre Pedrera.
In Greek mythology Igea is the daughter of Asclepio, the god of medicine. Vittorio Belli descended from an agricultural family but always dreamed of creating a vacation village which would not only fulfill the needs of the vacationers but be emerged in cool, green pine groves which he personally planted – burying thousands of pine seeds.

All of Igea can been seen easily on foot or by bicycle. The town center is represented by Viale Ennio, the main pedestrian island which accedes directly to the central “Parco del Gelso”, a green area of over 25 hectares surrounding a small lake. Here, in the quiet of the park, the visitor can admire pines, downy oaks and wild orchids.
A bicycle would be the best way to meander among vegetable gardens, orchards, farm houses, in panoramas which still conserve the original beauty of the Romagna countryside.

The visitor will be fascinated by the local culinary traditions which are the perfect mix between land and sea menus: from the tasty hand-made pasta specialities like ravioli and cappelletti with hearty meat sauces or thin noodles with fish: various shellfish, squid, mussels, clams. Second courses can offer grilled meats, or a platter of grilled sardines, mackerel, sole. Both menus are served with local wines from the hills of Rimini: the robust red Sangiovese or the white Trebbiano, Albana and Pagadebit.

It’s easy to have fun in Igea Marina, with its numerous pubs, restaurants, night clubs, theme parks. In and around Igea Marina there is a large concentration of fun and leisure facilities. After the sun and sea, the local nightlife will offer you occasions to be remembered and render your vacation unforgettable.