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Shopping in San Marino

San Marino is a must-see shopping destination, and there are all kinds of stores for all “shopping addicts.” Shopping malls and outlets can be found mostly along the highway from Rimini to San Marino City, and markets and beautiful shops of typical products can be found in the historic center and in the 9 municipalities.

Shopping in San Marino can also be cheaper than in Italy thanks to a lighter tax lever with lower taxes on goods and services.

What to buy in San Marino

Among the most sought-after products are: clothing, footwear, perfumes and cosmetics, electronics, and musical instruments. In outlets it is often possible to find branded clothing and shoes at discounted prices, samples of new collections and sales earlier than in Italy.

In the historic center of San Marino there are numerous stores and workshops with local and traditional San Marino products. Hand-painted ceramics, art objects worked in iron, wood and precious materials, lace, embroidery and canvas prints, coins and stamps. But also gastronomy, including tasty confectionery productions such as the “Tre Monti”, the typical San Marino dessert.

Since 1995, the Republic of San Marino has established the Marchio di Origine e Tipicità (Mark of Origin and Typicality) to protect, enhance and promote artistic and traditional production; the mark is a guarantee for those who buy that the product has been handcrafted in the Republic of San Marino.

SMAC Card for shopping

The San Marino Card is an excellent proposal for those who want to shop in San Marino and save money.

It is a real credit card designed for both residents and tourists and allows for discounts on purchases (from 2% to 10%) at affiliated shops and business and a discount of 0.5 per liter on fuel purchases at affiliated gas stations. The amount corresponding to the discount is credited to the card as a spendable balance at affiliated outlets. The card can also be recharged with periodic or occasional credit.

The SMAC card can be requested at partner banks and all merchants participating in the promotion by filling out a form and paying a membership fee of 15 euros. It is reserved for San Marino and non-San Marino citizens, starting from 16 years old.

For all information, the official website is www.sanmarinocard.sm

Tutto San Marino Card

It is a discount card dedicated to all people staying in San Marino hotels and can be requested directly at the hotel.

The card allows you to take advantage of offers and discounts for the purchase of discounted tickets at San Marino museums, discounted rates for guided tours conducted by official guides, discounts at paid parking lots and promotions for purchases at affiliated stores, restaurants, bars, places of interest.

For info: 0549 882914.

San Marino Outlet

San Marino Outlet Experience
A luxury outlet with quality brands and a modern design facility where you can spend the day shopping and dining.
Strada degli Angariari, 41 – 47891 Falciano
Tel. 0549 941325

Brands Outlet San Marino
Clothing outlet with original brands and designer clothes at lower and discounted prices than the web and official stores.
Open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Via Basilicius, 16 – City of San Marino
Tel. 0549 953841

GOE Outlet
Label-free designer clothing at competitive prices.
Open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Via Cesare Cantù, 151 – Customs
Tel. 340 981 2830

Fashion Style Outlet
Designer clothing and shoes at discounted prices.
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Viale Antonio Onofri, 9 – City of San Marino
Tel. 0549 998053

Perfume Outlet
In the historic center of San Marino, a store active for 15 years with perfumery and cosmetic items at discounted prices. Online sales as well.
Open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Via Salita alla Rocca, 40 – City of San Marino
Tel. 0549 991488

Big&Chic – San Marino Factory Outlet
Via Strada dei Censiti, 1 – 47891 Rovereta

Shopping Centers

Azzurro Shopping Center
It was for many years the largest shopping center in San Marino, with three floors and more than 60 stores, restaurants and green areas. Today there are 15 stores and a large Conad supermarket.
Via M. Moretti, 23 – 47899 Serravalle
Tel. 0549 960172

Atlante Shopping Center
Via Tre Settembre, 17 – 47891 Dogana
Tel. 0549-909224

C’È Centro Commerciale San Marino
Center with clothing stores, supermarket, optician, jewelry store, telephone center, armory and large parking lot
Via del Passetto, 111
0549 997074

Musical Items

Marino Baldacci Musical Instruments (Atlante Shopping Center)
Via Tre Settembre, 17 – 47891 Dogana
Tel. 0549 905265

Food stores and typical products San Marino

La Serenissima Spa
San Marinese confectionery that has been producing sweets and traditional cakes Tre Monti and Titano since 1943
Via XXV Marzo, 67 – 47895 Domagnano
Tel. 0549 878 102

San Marino Farmers’ Emporium
Official shop of the Consorzio Terra di San Marino where to buy typical San Marino products
Via Eugippo, 16 – City of San Marino