Shopping in San Marino

Very close to the Adriatic coast, San Marino is a must-see for “shopping addicts” of all kinds.

Outlets, shopping center, shops and street markets spread in nine castles offer a wide range of possibilities for shopping.
This is also due to a lighter lever tax: make purchases in San Marino may be cheaper than in Italy. The most wanted “products” for those who come across the border are clothing, footwear, perfumes and cosmetics, electronics, musical instruments and food and wine products

In the historical center of San Marino there are many shops with local and traditional product of San Marino: hand-painted ceramics, art objects manufactured in iron, wood and precious materials, lace, embroidery and prints on canvas. But also tasty confectionery products, such as the Three Towers Cake, the typical sweet of San Marino.
Since 1995 the Republic of San Marino has established the Mark of Origin and Typicality to protect, enhance and promote the artistic and traditional.

Big&Chic – San Marino Factory Outlet
Via Strada dei Censiti, 1 – 47891 Rovereta
Tel. 0549 904014

Azzurro Shopping Center
Via M. Moretti, 23 – 47899 Serravalle
Tel. 0549 960172

Atlante Shopping Center
Via Tre Settembre, 17 – 47891 Dogana
Tel. 0549-909224

La Serenissima Spa
Via XXV Marzo, 67 – 47895 Domagnano
Tel. 0549 878 102

Marino Baldacci Strumenti Musicali(Centro Commerciale Atlante)
Via Tre Settembre, 17 – 47891 Dogana
Tel. 0549 905265