UNESCO World Heritage, San Marino and Monte Titano:

Are an exceptional testimony of the establishment of a representative democracy based on civic and self-government, having exercised a unique, uninterrupted continuity as the capital of an independent republic since the thirteenth century.
San Marino is an exceptional testimony to a living cultural tradition that has lasted for 700 years.”.

L’arte è la manifestazione più esplicita di questo patrimonio culturale: le opere e i monumenti perfettamente conservati sul Titano raccontano tutta la storia di questa antica Repubblica.

Art is the most explicit manifestation of this cultural heritage: the works and perfectly preserved monuments on Titan tell the whole story of this ancient Republic.

Starting from the three towers that rise imposing symbol of this ancient city-state that has always defended its freedom and independence.
There are also churches, palaces and squares of great beauty, such as Piazza della Libertà (Freedom Square), from which the view across the valley is beautiful, and museums where understand and investigate the past but also the present of San Marino.

But  there are also other buildings and sites featuring the City of San Marino and its culture. The Library and the State Archives, theaters, such as the old Titano Theatre, and the State University, founded in 1985.