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Museum of the Rural Culture

The “Casa di Fabrica” in Montecchio is one of the oldest patronal houses in the San Marino territory: it appears in the San Marino land registers as early as 1770.

Thanks to a preservative restoration that has kept intact the peculiarities and characteristics of the past, it has been possible to return it to the community.

The rural house was recovered after years of abandonment with a patient restoration work that involved the State Secretariat for Territory, Environment and Agriculture, the Castle City Council and the Land of San Marino Consortium, with the unanimous aim of opening it to everyone.


inaugurazione museo This gave rise to the Museum of Rural Civilization and Traditions of the Republic of San Marino, which holds all the precious treasures related to the living and working conditions and habits of the rural civilization of the past.

The main rooms of the rural dwelling have been prefectly reconstructed: the kitchen, the bedroom, the old loom and women’s work room, and the granary. Numerous antique objects can also be admired: from a hoe to a scythe, from copper pots to an old coal iron. Also, a balance, an old loom, an old cradle, grains, and much more.

Casa Fabrica is a journey through time, a cultural heritage of inestimable value to be unveiled and returned to future generations as a testimony to traditions and culture that cannot be forgotten.


museo contadino san marino

The house is also home to the Terra di San Marino Consortium, which in addition to conceiving the project is responsible for protecting and enhancing the food and wine products of the San Marino territory.

The exhibition is open year-round.

Museum of the Rural Culture and Traditions of the territory of the Republic of San Marino
Casa di Fabrica – Strada di Montecchio, 11 – City of San Marino
Phone +378 0549-902617

Ticket: €3, free for San Marino citizens and residents.

Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8:30 am-12:00 pm
Wednesday, Friday: 8:30 am -10:30 pm