Museum of the Agricultural Culture

The House of Fabrica in Montecchio is one of the oldest patronal house of the territory of San Marino: already mentioned in the year 1770 in the Register of landed property of the Republic of San Marino. .
Thanks to a big restoration and repairs always preserving the ancient characteristics, this building has been given back to the community.

The farm-house has been recovered after many years of carelessness with the mutual efforts of State Secretary for Territory, the environment and Agriculture, the Castle Council of the Town and the Committee of the Territory of San Marino, with the purpose of opening it to everyone.

inaugurazione museo
From this project comes the Museum of Rural Life and Traditions of the Republic of San Marino, which contains all the precious treasures related to the conditions and habits of life and work of the rural civilization of the past.

The main rooms of the home country were perfectly reconstructed: the kitchen, the bedroom, the room of the old loom and women’s work, the barn. There are also many ancient objects that can be seen: hoe, sickle, copper pots and an old iron coal. Further, a slingbar, an ancient loom, an old cradle, the “matra”, cereals and much more.
museo contadino san marino
A cultural heritage of inestimable value to discover and return to future generations as a testimony of the traditions and culture that can not be forgotten.

The exhibition is open all year round.

Museum of the Agricultural Culture and Traditions of the territory of the Republic of San Marino
Strada di Montecchio, 11 – San Marino Città
Tel. 0549-902617

Entrance fee: € 3, free for citizen of San Marino

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: h. 8.30 to 12.00 a.m.
Wednesday, Friday: h. 8.30 to 10.30 a.m.


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