Museum of Curious Objects

The longest nails in the world, eyeglasses to cure strabismus, 60-cm high wooden clogs to wear during the high-waters in Venice, flea trap, these are just some of 100 or so “peculiarities” conserved in this one-of-a-kind collection which is situated in the over 600 sq. meters of the Museum of Curious Objects. Extravagant inventions, unusual characters and rare objects, a mix not found anywhere else.

During the summer, visitors remain quite amused by the special transportation service which connects the museum to the parking areas distant from the city center; no traditional vehicle but a 1913 Ford motor-coach, still in good working order.
navetta museo curiosità

Museum of Curious Objects
Salita alla Rocca, 26 – San Marino Città
Tel. 0549 992437

Entrance fee: € 7, reduct € 4, groups € 3,50
Opening time could change, please call before visiting.


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