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Natural History Museum

The San Marino Museum of Natural History is located in the municipality of Borgo Maggiore (150 m from the cable car) and is part of the San Marino Natural History Center and Institute for Studies, Research and Documentation established in 1997 with the aim of creating a cultural center dedicated to Natural and Environmental Sciences and the promotion of naturalistic and environmental culture with special attention to the heritage of the San Marino territory.

San Marino Museum of Natural History

The halls of the museum allow visitors to learn about the natural environments of San Marino, its flora and fauna, with a series of reproductions in dioramas and a rich collection of animal species divided into the sections of ornithology, zoology, terraquarium. Very fascinating is the high-definition model that reproduces to scale the entire territory of San Marino.

Plastico San Marino

Particularly active is the relationship with schools and in the field of public outreach, the museum also offers guided tours of the territory, workshops, events and public meetings.

Entrance is free.
Hours are subject to change; it is advisable to check openings by phone.

Museum of Natural History
Via Valdes De Carli, 21
Borgo Maggiore – Republic of San Marino
Phone +378 0549 883 460