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Titanus Museum – Multimedia Experience

The Titanus Museum is an innovative museum that offers an immersive experience thanks to the use of multimedia tools such as virtual reality, projections, 3D maps and holograms.

The itinerary leads to the discovery of the most important moments in the origins of San Marino and the history of the Republic, a journey through time that traces the events that occurred from prehistory to the founding of the first San Marino nucleus by Saint Marino, passing through the struggle for independence and the various invasions up to the world wars and modern times.

The museum is organized into 3 rooms

  1. ancient
    recounts the origins of Mount Titan and the territory from the geological point of view to the legend of its holy founder with a 3D representation
  2. modern
    with video-mapping, historical events are narrated enriched by ancient documents, images and paintings projected on a model of San Marino
  3. contemporary
    holograms of Garibaldi, Napoleon and San Marino tell the story from the 17th century to the present day

A project that wishes to convey to tourists and visitors all the love for the Republic and the many battles that made it the “land of freedom” that everyone knows today. It is ideal to visit this museum before any other place of interest in the city so as to have a preview and get to know better all the monuments and fascinating places of San Marino.

Titanus Museum – Multimedia Experience
Contrada Santa Croce, 20
47890 City of San Marino
Phone +378 0549 962845

Opening hours

open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

full price: 8.00 €
reduced from 6 to 14 years: 5.00 €