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Medieval Days Festival – Historica

Date: Every year, the last weekend of July

San Marino immerses itself in the past and the history of its origins with Medieval Days. For four days, the entire city is crisscrossed by a time-traveling atmosphere of music, historical re-enactments, competitions and flavors of yesteryear.


The Medieval Days Festival in an unmissable event of the San Marino summer because it allows people to discover the oldest Republic in its most evocative guise as a medieval city.

The streets come alive with historical reenactments involving squares, towers and other monuments. Not only the official ceremonies, but also daily life is recreated in the corners of the village; in fact, alongside the costumed parades accompanied by the music of flutes, girondas and drums, markets and ancient crafts are reenacted, with artisans at work in the streets and many stalls where one can admire and purchase typical objects, clothing, weapons, and jewelry all made according to tradition.

There are also areas dedicated to children, with entertainment and engaging activities inspired by the many stories suspended between reality and legend concerning San Marino.

In the evening then, the streets are filled with the inviting scents of the dishes prepared according to ancient recipes and served in the restaurants of the city center.

At the Crossbowmen’s Quarry are the evening performances and the opening celebration with the parade of Crossbowmen, Flag-wavers, Musicians and Figurantes at the shows that retrace the most evocative events in the history of San Marino.

Among the events not to be missed, there are the historical reconstruction of court life in the Middle Ages at the First Tower, the reconstruction of the military camp in the Crossbowmen’s Quarry, and the Tricorniolo Challenge, a special competition of ancient Italian-style crossbow shooting, a test of skill and prestige, particular for its difficulty. The Tricorniolo, a target devised by the San Marino Crossbowmen’s Federation on the occasion of the first edition of the Giornate Medievale (Medieval Days), is made in such a way as to make it very difficult to hit the bullseye, the arrow shot from the crossbow. An exciting challenge that every year thrills San Marino citizens and tourists alike.

Since 2021, the Medieval Days have taken the name Historica – a history of freedom, a historical reenactment event that maintains the same calendar and also expands its proposal to other significant moments in San Marino’s history, from Roman times to the most recent world wars.