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Museum of the Emigrant

The Emigrant Museum is housed in the rooms of the Monastery of St. Clare and have the objective of preserving the memory and study the story of the emigration of San Marino , through photographs, documents, objects.

Along with the exhibition of photos and memorabilia of the early decades of the ‘900, there are documentaries, databases, and historical documents that allow you to carefully study the phenomenon. Both the exposition and the study center directly depend on the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Not surprisingly, because the relationship with the Titan maintains with its “exiles” is still intense.

San Marino in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was a land of great exodus of migration. Thousands of inhabitants of San Marino, to redeem themselves by hunger and poverty and to seek fortune, left the castles oand emigrates to other countries. Even today there are almost 13 000 citizen of San Marino abroad who retain citizenship of San Marino and the right to vote.

In Europe there are 7.768 citizen fo San Marino, 4.451 in North and South America, 10 in Africa, 14 Oceania. The nations that host a higher number of citizen of San Marino are Italy (5,724), France (1,881), US (2,910) and Argentina (1489). In Italy, France, Belgium, United States and Argentina are located 24 Community of Citizens living abroad, who, since 1979, have legal autonomy.

Museum of the Emigrant – Permanent Study Centre on Emigration
Contrada Ombrelli, 24 – San Marino Città
Tel. 0549-885171
Free entrance