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Museum of the Emigrant

The San Marino Museum of the Emigrant is housed in the rooms of the ancient Monastery of Santa Chiara and aims to preserve the memory and study the history of the emigration of San Marino citizens through photographs, documents, and objects.

san marino centro studi migrazioni

Museo dell’emigrante

Along with the exhibition of photos and memorabilia from the first decades of the 20th century, there are documentaries, archives and historical documents that allow for a careful study of the phenomenon. Both the exhibition and the study center depend directly on the Secretariat of State for Foreign Affairs. This is no coincidence, because the relationship that the Titan maintains with its “exiles” is still intense.

San Marino between the late 19th and early 20th centuries was a land of great migratory exodus. Thousands of Sammarinese, in order to overcome hunger and misery or to seek their fortune, left the various Castles of the Republic and undertook the harsh and bitter experience of emigrating to other countries. Even today there are almost 13,000 San Marino citizens abroad who retain San Marino citizenship as well as the right to vote.

There are 7,768 living in Europe, 4,451 in the Americas, 10 in Africa, and 14 in Oceania. The nations with the highest number of San Marino citizens are Italy (5,724), France (1,881), the United States (2,910) and Argentina (1,489). Italy, France, Belgium, the United States and Argentina are home to the 24 Communities of Citizens Living Abroad, which, since 1979, have enjoyed legal autonomy.

The Museum of the Emigrant, created with the aim of presenting the historical phenomenon of emigration, is not just a container of disused objects, but a path of memory and narrative that gives back the San Marino society and economy of yesterday and today. The exhibition is developed through 8 rooms and 9 themes following the timeline.

The museum has a universal value in that it retraces moments that are repeated in human history and migration cycles: departure or escape from places that are no longer livable, travel, the search for work, the relationship with the new country, integration, nostalgia, racism, and the condition of women.

emigranti san marino

Museum of the Emigrant – Permanent Study Center on Emigration
Contrada Omerelli, 24 – City of San Marino
Phone. +378 0549 885171
Free Entrance

Free opening from November to March upon request by calling 0549 885159
or by writing to direzione.museoemigrante@unirsm.sm